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Toledo District and Punta Gorda


Punta Gorda and Toledo: Exciting Maya ruins, jungle adventure, great Belize diving and fishing at the best Belize resorts and hotels. Explore miles of pristine rivers while marveling at the magnificent rainforests. Take time for a swim in your own private pool beneath a cascading waterfall. Enjoy a day of world class Belize fishing and diving. Relax and shed the stress of the outside world while listening to the call of howler monkeys and the distant rumbling of jaguar from the serenity of your comfortable lodge. Visit a friendly Maya village and observe a way of life that few have witnessed. Toledo is friendly, absolutely beautiful, and is waiting for you. The Toledo District is in the south of Belize. Punta Gorda Town is the southernmost town in Belize and the capital of the Toledo District.  It sits on the coast on the Bay of Honduras. The Toledo District is yet another example of Belize’s diversity and has the ability to hold the visitor awe struck with its beauty and sensational Belize resorts.  Drive or fly. Getting there is easy and picturesque. The Belize vacation opportunities are limitless. Choose from many tranquil yet exciting Belize resorts in the heart of this beautiful and wild region.


Belize Wildlife, Mystical Maya Ruins, Jungle Adventure The Toledo District is home to 6 major rivers. The rivers provide a unique eco-system and habitat for an abundance of wildlife and fauna. Nowhere in Belize can you have a greater chance to seeing the elusive Jaguar, Tapir, or Puma. Manatees can frequently be observed moving among the mangroves. A common sight is groups of Howler Monkeys lounging in the canapé of the jungle. Exotic birds of Belize are in abundance. Evidence of the ancient Maya is very much present today. Visit any number of sites with their mysteries of the past. Visit Lubaatun where in 1924 a crystal skull was reportedly found. There is controversy as to where the skull actually came from, but modern science has yet to understand or duplicate the construction. Another mystery is how the site with its rounded corners could have been built without mortar. Your action packed Belize vacation could not be better, and there are many fine Belize resorts to accommodate your Belize vacation adventure.


Belize Fishing, Diving, Kayaking, Birding, and Cave Exploring - Toledo has fantastic Belize diving and fishing. . Knowledgeable tour operators will ensure a successful dive or take you to where the tarpon, snuck, or permit fish lurk. Leave the gear at home. Kayaking is another great Toledo sport. Either kayak the Port of Honduras or the Moho or Rio Grande Rivers. You can Horseback ride with a Maya guide while learning the wonders of the tropical forests. Birding is excellent in this area of Belize. Your qualified local guide will take you to known locations of any number of 430 species of birds sited in the Toledo District. There are several wonderful caves to satisfy your curiosity, some of which were used by the Maya. . Hiking is the best way to experience the real Belize. Toledo has such diversity that trails crisscross through 3 ecosystems:  pine savannahs, broad leaf forest, and mangrove lagoons. With many Belize resorts to choose from in the heart of nature, your Belize vacation will be everything you ever hoped for.

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Belize is a great destination for active travelers offering a vast array of specific sport and adventure opportunities in a small area.

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